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Why Choose Rummy as a Stress Buster at Workplace

Written by: Mohina Gupta
Published in: Rummy Passion
Date: 12 Sep 2018
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Why Choose Rummy as a Stress Buster at Workplace

Do you also face Monday morning blues? Wait for the weekend to relax and unwind? How about carrying a superb stress buster in your pocket when you leave for office? No, no, we’re not talking about any medicinal pills or intoxicants. It’s our very own Rummy Card Game, which is so interesting and engrossing that it drives away all the stress!

What is Your Reason

Have to meet the deadlines. The workload is a bit too much. Resources are inadequate. Boss(es) are no less than dictators. Colleagues are irritating/non-cooperative. Too much travelling is involved. Strict office timings. No provision for work from home or flexi-hours. My work is not valued. Seniors take away all the credit. Any of these or something else?

I’m Suffering

Unhappiness, dissatisfaction, irritability, frequent headaches, neck and back pain, lowered immunity, anxiety, frequent colds, anxiety, depression, insomnia, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, trouble learning, reduced efficiency and productivity, constant fatigue, and increased smoking, etc., are among the major indicators of stress.

Consequences for the Organization

Ultimately, stress seeps into the profitability of the enterprise as well. How? Because of other ramifications such as higher absenteeism, reduced overall productivity, the headache of hiring new talent, more expenditure on workers’ compensation, medical insurance, etc.

Caring Authorities

Some corporates have started offering facilities like sports, music, yoga, mindfulness, dance, counselling, spa, and flexible hours, etc., to their workforce to ensure better productivity and profits. But what to do, just in case, your company does not?

Hi Rummy, Goodbye Stress

It’s enough…I can’t take it anymore! Whenever you’re on the verge of blasting, have a blast instead. Wondering, what it means? It would sound weird, but whenever such a situation pops up in front of you, just log in to Lo and behold! A magical world will unfold before you. Vibrant tables, a variety of games, splendid promotions, free games, cash games, customer support in your language, Pan India players, and last but not the least, great winnings - all in an absolutely safe and secure environment.

Why Rummy

There is a plethora of reasons that make rummy, a skill game of cards, a boon for stressed employees:

  • The game is so interesting that you forget everything else. It gives you a wonderful high and stress just evaporates. You start feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and enthusiastic to take on the world.
  • Other ways of relaxation might be out of bounds for you due to several reasons.
  • You can finish a game of rummy within 2-3 minutes.
  • It is a simple game with a few rules - anybody can learn it.
  • You need just your smartphone with an internet connection, and you’re ready.
  • You can play any number of freeroll tourneys in just Rs 100.
  • Just step aside or be on your seat itself, and a few minutes of the mind-storming entertainment would be enough to pep you up like anything.
  • Age and physical health do not pose hindrances in your way to enjoying the game.
  • When you win cash prizes with your skills, you will be over the moon with excitement. You will automatically give a damn to all the negativity that had been surrounding you.
  • With focus and perspective shifting from stressors to thrill, you would feel energized and light - in fact, as free as a bird!

With so many advantages that the rummy game offers to its players, it is definitely worth a try for those who feel stressed at their workplace. Visit Rummy Passion - India’s most loved rummy site and claim a Welcome Package of Rs 10,000. Fight out workplace stress innovatively!

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