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Your use of the products and/or services presently available or to be made available in the future by Passion Gaming Private Limited, its business partners, licensors, its subsidiaries, affiliates and confederates through the website Rummy Passion is subject to and regulated by these Terms of Use.

You explicitly and implicitly understand that the Terms of Use stated here will be binding on you. You agree that all or any products and/ or services offered on Rummy Passion Website can be used only in agreement with the Terms of Use and you shall be responsible to act in accordance with the Terms of Use at all times. The onus of reading, understanding and agreeing to the Terms of Use published by Rummy Passion always lies with you. If, at any point in time any of the Terms of Use are regulated be null, prohibited, unsound, or unenforceable by any judgement by any judicial or quasi - judicial body in India, it will not impact the applicability and compliance of any of the remaining Terms.

If Rummy Passion fails to or postpones action to exercise any right or remedy with respect to a breach of any of the Terms of Use by you, this failure or delay shall not be understood as a waiver of our right to act with respect to the said breach or any prior, concurrent, subsequent or similar breaches. All products, programs, marketing events, promotions, contests and tournaments offered or run by us on Rummy Passion shall be governed by the Terms of Use and any annexures provided in the "Terms and Conditions" section specified for that product, program, service, marketing event, promotion, contest and tournament.


Before you register with us, you must read and understand all the TERMS OF USE specified on the Rummy Passion website; and all rules, limitations and restrictions that apply to the product, tournaments, promotions and contests offered on the Rummy Passion website. For your ease we provide you with links to each section separately; however, you are bound by terms stated in each section and all the sections collectively.

Rummy Player Age and Legality

The product and/or services including playing of free and real money games is restricted to persons who are 18 years of age or older and are bona fide residents of India, except for the states of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim and Telangana. We may limit access to our product and/or services at our discretion. By reading this document you confirm that you are not accessing out product and/or services from anywhere in the state of Assam, the state of Odisha, the state of Nagaland, state of Sikkim, state of Telangana or outside India.

Rake, Taxes and GST

All free games, trial games, real money games, contests, tournaments, marketing events, or loyalty points program offered on our website are collectively referred to as Products and Services. Games that are defined as real money games require the user to maintain a minimum balance in cash in their user account in order to meet the game entry fee requirements. Free or Trial Games do not require the user to maintain a minimum cash balance in their user account, however, users of Free or Trial Games may be subject to restrictions on admittance by Rummy Passion.

For real money games, contests, tournaments, marketing events and loyalty points program, Rummy Passion levies a service charge commonly known as 'Rake'. The rake is a percentage levied for facilitation of game play. As of July 1, 2017 there is an 18% GST (Goods and Service Tax) levied on the rake and is applicable for deduction from Player Winnings.

Creating and using your User Account

You must complete the registration process on our website in order to access our products and/or services. When you complete the registration process on our website, you automatically confirm your acceptance of and your agreement to our Terms of Use.

To complete the registration process on our website, you will have to choose a login name and a unique password. Besides these, you will be required to submit additional details which are compulsory. You will be asked to provide further details for us to verify you as a valid user. If you choose to play "Cash Games", you will need to provide information including, but not limited to your legal name and residence, age, gender, email address, mobile number etc. You are responsible for providing us with correct and complete information and also for keeping this information updated.

Also, you shall provide true and complete information as required of you on our website. Rummy Passion or Passion Gaming Private Limited or any of its partners or affiliates is not responsible for consequences that may arise as a result of you submitting untrue, incorrect or incomplete information.

At any point, we may require documentation for verification of all or part of the information you provide or have provided in the past. Your failure to do so will result in the suspension or cessation of your registration with us.

Statements by the User

All personal details provided by you during the registration process or at anytime thereafter must be complete and truthful. You are responsible for notifying us on any changes that have taken place in your personal details from the time of your registration with us.

Protection of Your Personal Details

You acknowledge that you undertake the responsibility of protection of all details you submit on the Rummy Passion website. This includes but is not limited to your Username, Password, Email address, Postal Address Details and Mobile number. You should not purposefully or accidentally share your login ID or login password details with anyone. It is your responsibility to no allow anyone else to use your username and play from your account at anytime. You completely understand and are in agreement that Rummy Passion or its partners or subsidiaries will not be liable for details that you or anyone else provides, or actions taken resulting in misuse by another person.

Rummy Passion is not liable under any circumstance if your user ID or password is revealed on its website or any other websites. For this we suggest that you log off your computer or mobile device completely once you have finished playing at the Rummy Passion website.

You understand and completely agree to use your own Rummy Passion account specifically to only play on its website. All transactions that you undertake on the Rummy Passion website will be to access or use products and or services provided by Rummy Passion. If you use your user account for any other purpose besides what is stated in the Terms of Use, it will cause your account to be shut down and will result in seizure of prizes, bonuses and balance in your user account.

You understand and are in agreement with the fact that all deposits made to your user account which is held with Rummy Passion is solely for playing cash games offered on its website. All deposits and withdrawals made into your account are specifically to be used by you and cannot in any circumstance be transferred to anyone else.

You understand and in agreement with the fact that we will deduct tax at source or TDS at the rate of 30% on winnings greater than INR 10,000/- in a single Pool Rummy game, a single Points Rummy game or a single contest or tournament. You must submit your PAN card details or Personal Account Number issued to you by the Income Tax authorities in India. We will verify your PAN details occasionally and have the right to forfeit any winning in cash or kind if your PAN details are unverifiable, incorrect or are found inaccurate during our verification.

You will be permitted to withdraw your winnings only after you provide your correct PAN details and after the TDS has been subtracted from your account. TDS and any other taxes levied by the Government of India are subject to change and the applicable taxes and deductions will be deducted from your account. Rummy Passion will provide you a certificate of taxes deducted. Rummy Passion is not a tax advisory body and is in no way responsible for your tax liability or filing.

You understand and agree that balance in your user account held at Rummy Passion does not carry any interest or yield. You agree to seek clarity on the legality of accessing and then playing cash games in your geographic area before you add cash to your user account or take part in the cash games. You must also be legally permitted to transact and play in INR (Indian Rupees). If you are not permitted to legally play cash games or transact in INR through banking channels and, or are accessing Rummy Passion or any of its partner or affiliate websites from a jurisdiction that legally does not allow participation in real money or cash games, you are automatically deemed to be in violation of the Terms of Use and as a result we will forfeit your prizes and or winnings.

You understand that you need skills and comprehension of all rules of the games of Rummy to participate in cash games and that you are willing and physically and mentally capable of doing so. You are singularly responsible for all outcomes of you participating in the cash games, being associated obviously or tacitly with cash games. You clearly understand that Rummy Passion is not liable or responsible for any financial or time loss that may be incurred by you because of your participation in cash games at Rummy Passion.

You must be 18 years of age or older to access and play cash games and transact with Rummy Passion. You understand and agree that you are participating in cash games voluntarily. You understand completely that playing cash games can result in a money loss to you and that you undertake full responsibility of the consequences that are a result of participating in cash games, including financial risk. You consent to indemnify Rummy Passion, its officers, employees, directors, partners and agents from liability of any claims or costs of your participation in cash games in case of your financial or time loss.

Your participation in products or services does not qualify you to receive a prize or money from Rummy Passion. Your skills, understanding and application of game rules and ability to play better compared to your opponents will decide the outcome of the cash games.

You are individually and singularly accountable for all matter you post, share, upload, transmit, or make available though any other means on the Rummy Passion website. All matter that you post should be free from plagiarism or it should be licensed to you or it must legally belong to you. By making any content public on the Rummy Passion website, you grant us a fee-free, world-wide, non-absolute, perpetual and transferable right to use, copy, reproduce, update, change, publish, translate, create imitated works from, transmit, distribute, publicly display, and publicly perform your content and to use such content for marketing initiated and created by Rummy Passion or our partners or affiliates. Such content may include, but not be limited to, your name, gender, photographs, quotes, username or location. You do not have any legal or rights, legal or otherwise, in any part or whole of your content. You give the right to Rummy Passion or its partners, associates or affiliates to use all communication provided by you in any manner whatsoever.

Rummy Passion holds the right to record all user inputs and content, including email communication and chat messaging on the website or communication sent by users electronically or via post through built in interactive features on its website. If for any reason whatsoever, you are unable to log on and operate your user account or are unable to play any game or participate in any contest, competition or tournament, you shall not hold Rummy Passion responsible.

Rummy Bonuses and Promotions

Terms and conditions applicable to bonuses, promotions and other marketing activity are written under the Promotions Tab on the Rummy Passion website. You agree to read, understand and accept all these terms and conditions before you claim bonuses, promotions and other marketing initiatives. To see the latest promotions, visit our Rummy Promotions page.

User Account Verification and Authentication may seek to verify its players' user accounts via phone calls or emails. More than one attempt may be made to communicate with you. If you do not provide us with a correct phone number or email address, or, fail to update your personal information, we bear no responsibility for interruption of services due to us being unable to reach you.

We may block your services if we are unable to reach you. You may not be able to log into Rummy Passion, make a deposit, withdraw funds or play games if the validation is unsuccessful and till the time that we are able to satisfactorily validate your user account. We will ask you to submit a valid proof of identification and proof of address as we may require it from time to time. Once we receive valid documents from you, your user account will be reinstated. It may take a few working days to do so and may not happen immediately.

If upon making several unsuccessful attempts at contacting you or in the event that you are unable to provide valid documentation as required by us, we hold the right to delete or suspend your user account and refund the funds in your user account after adjusting any processing fee, taxes, service charges, or any other transactional cost that is applicable. Refunds will be made in the form of cheque which will be mailed to the address provided by you. If you provide an incorrect mailing address, Rummy Passion will not make further attempts for delivery of the cheque.

User Constraints

You accept that you yourself will play all games on our website and will not take external assistance of any kind to play. You agree not to use or create cheats, hacks, bots, software, external or internal device or any other unauthorized component which is capable of blocking, modifying, manipulating, mining, intercepting, collecting or relaying information from or to the Rummy Passion website. Use of external assistance of any kind is strictly prohibited while accessing Rummy Passion website or playing games on it.

Fraudulent behaviour including founding of teams and collusion between you and any others for participating in games or tournaments organized on the Rummy Passion website or any other form of deception is banned. If any fraudulent behaviour by you is ascertained, the game or games in question will be rendered null and void and will initiate an action against offenders.

All bonuses, rewards, points, prizes and winnings are solely for a specific user. These cannot be transferred to another user account. If you attempt to transfer such winnings, rewards, points, prizes or bonuses to a user account which is not yours, such winnings and rewards will be forfeited. Sending unsolicited communication or SPAM emails in order to get registrations for Rummy Passion or to benefit from its Refer a Friend program is strictly prohibited. Money Laundering including, but not limited to attempting cash withdrawal of unused funds added through credit cards or deliberately losing money to a specific player(s) is prohibited at Rummy Passion.

You can only register as a single user and hold a single user account on Rummy Passion. You cannot create or use multiple user accounts using multiple email ID's. Multiple user accounts even if linked to separate and unique email ID's are considered invalid by Rummy Passion. All activity from multiple user accounts of any one single individual will be rendered null and void.

You are prohibited from creating a user account to upload or post, distribute, share, transmit or publish content on the Rummy Passion website or on any of its social media assets that is obscene, abusive, criminal, illegal, malicious, threatening, menacing or invades privacy.

Products and / or services of Rummy Passion cannot be used for any commercial intention such as but not limited to use in a gaming club, cyber cafe, network play online or to connect to unauthorized servers that copy the gaming experience on the Rummy Passion website.

Any action by you to introduce and transmit such content that may contain computer viruses or computer contaminants as described in the Information Technology Act 2000 or other laws applicable in India which may sabotage and stop or limit the functionality of software, equipment or machinery owned or operated by Rummy Passion or which is used for providing products and services by Rummy Passion is strictly prohibited.

Seeking another person's user ID, password, account details or personal details or accessing the email database of users or gathering their personal details including recording their activity on the Rummy Passion website is strictly prohibited.

Any person or persons who are employees, directors, officers or agents of Rummy Passion or are related to such persons, are not allowed to play any Real Money Games on the rummy passion website, other than in the course of their employment with Related persons in this case refers to any person or persons who are legally related to employees, directors, officers or agents of Rummy Passion and include spouse, financially dependent children and financially dependent parents.

Any activity carried out by you that constitutes fraud and is or is not stated in our Terms of Use is prohibited.

Financial Transactions

All Payment and Withdrawls transactions on the Rummy Passion website shall be conducted in Indian Rupees. All deposits and withdrawals must be made through your user account at Rummy Passion. You may participate in Cash Games and Rummy Tournaments only through your specific user account at

You will be able to make payments into your user account using accepted payment instruments which you are authorized to use. Rummy Passion may restrict the amount of money you can add to your user account as management at Rummy Passion wants you to play responsibly.

Processing of payments made via credit card, debit card, e wallets, prepaid cash cards and internet banking are processed through gateways owned and operated by third party payment. As third parties who process such payments require authorization, Rummy Passion is not responsible for disruptions, denials or delays caused at the payment processors end. Only when your transaction is authorized, the funds will be credited to your user account and will be available for you to participate in Cash Games. can cancel a transaction at any time based on its discretion. If before the transaction is cancelled, the payment is successful, the transaction will be reversed. The money in such case will be credited back to your payment instrument. In case of cancellation request or refund request initiated by the user, Rummy Passion will upon its discretion credit the user's account with the refund amount or cancellation amount in 3 to 5 business days.


You may withdraw your winnings via an account or via an electronic bank transfer. You can send a withdrawal request to withdraw your winnings. Withdrawal limits and bonus or prize restrictions are applicable to all withdrawals. All bonuses including promotional winnings can be withdrawn when you have met the play through requirements specific to that bonus or prize and when you have made a minimum of one cash deposit and played at least one cash game at Rummy Passion.

You may make one withdrawal per calendar month free of charge. All subsequent withdrawals may be subject to a processing charge. If you enjoy a VIP status, you may be eligible to make more than one free withdrawal per calendar month. If the amount of the processing charge is greater than the balance in your user account, your withdrawal will not be processed till such time that your account balance becomes greater than the processing charge.

In a rare situation if a cheque is issued, Rummy Passion will assume all cheques that are not cashed within 30 days of dispatch to be lost and has the right to cancel that cheque. We hold the right to instruct to our bank to stop payment of that cheque. In such a case, the cheque may be dishonoured and Rummy Passion will not be liable or responsible for that cheque amount to you. You may submit a request for reissuing of the cheque which Rummy Passion will execute subject to deduction of applicable processing charges from the amount of the cheque.

Our effort is to process your withdrawals within the stipulated time but there could possibly be delays because of time needed to complete verification and completion of the withdrawal transaction. Rummy Passion is not liable to pay you any compensation for delays in remitting payments to you from your user account.

You can only play and participate in games, contest, tournaments, competitions and other services, offered by Rummy Passion if you are a legal resident of India and must be present in India while accessing the products and/ or services offered by this website. You must be a resident of India and be physically present to claim a winning also.

Interruption of Service

If you face interruption of services due to any reason including slowness or disruption of Internet services or communication interferences or caused by the hardware or software you are using, Rummy Passion is not responsible or liable for any losses caused to you.

Violation of Terms of Use and Consequences

In case there is reason for Rummy Passion to believe that you have directly or through a third party violated any of the Terms of Use, then at its own discretion, Rummy Passion may take the following actions:

Suspension of your User Account

Your user account may be suspended if you are found to be in violation of the Terms of Use, abuse of the Rummy Passion website or your user account, if there are charge backs on your user account or there is a security breach of your user account or your personal details. In case we suspend your user account, you cannot question this decision and agree that this decision will be binding on you.

Modifications to the Terms of Use

Rummy Passion holds the right to change, add or delete its Terms of Use at any time. You are obligated to keep yourself updated to the Terms of Use change.


Products and/or Services and content on the Rummy Passion website and the content published are "as is" and we hold no liability for any inconsistency or imprecise information displayed on this site. We are responsible for any oversight or content related mistakes. Our effort is to provide the correct and current information at all times. We call upon you, our player to report any inconsistency or inaccuracy that you observe so we may correct it. endeavours to provide each player with an amazing online and mobile Rummy experience, but issues related to the website, software and server such as but not limited to viruses, faults and downtime may take place and these occurrences are beyond our control.

Marketing, branding and content on the Rummy Passion website or communication sent by it are copyright protected. Use of such items without explicit permission of management at Rummy Passion will be considered a violation of copyright and trademark laws and is punishable by law.

Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be only interpreted according to the laws of India. In case of any disputes, or claim that arises out of the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, it shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the civil courts at Chandigarh.