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* You must be 18+ to play real money rummy. Rummy is a game of skill. Winning cash is dependent on the skill of an individual in regards to the game of Rummy. Play responsibly. Game certified by iTech Labs Australia.

Responsible Gaming Policy

Playing games is meant to be a fun and entertaining activity, but we do understand that some players may find it difficult to control the frequency of their game play, and this in turn may lead to behavior which may be unsafe for them. At Rummy Passion, we want to act “Responsibly” and want to take steps to ensure that all players enjoy safe and secure gaming in a responsible manner. We are committed to helping players who wish and need to limit the amount and time they spend to play. Rummy Passion encourages all its players to play responsibly.

How you, the player, can help?

  1. Do not leave your PC, Mobile or Tablet unattended if you are logged on to the website.
  2. Do not allow minors to play under your supervision or on their own.
  3. Use a password which is complex i.e. contains numeric, alphabetic and symbolic characters.
  4. Do not share your User Account information, login information or your Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Bank information with anyone.
  5. Use filters and other such protective software to check your children’s internet usage.
  6. Understand that Online Gaming is just a form of entertainment and is NOT an income generation scheme/method.
  7. Be cautious of how much time and money you spend i.e. spend only that much as you can comfortably afford.
  8. Always ensure that time and money spent on Online Gaming do not become the reason for negligence at work or issues in family.

How Rummy Passion, the site, can help?

  1. Provides Self-Exclusion Feature.
  2. Addresses Gaming Addiction issues on priority.
  3. Identifies a player better by proper ‘KYC’ documentation and avoiding possible misuse.
  4. Provides an effective Escalation Matrix for speedy redressal.
  5. Does not allow underage (below 18 years) players to play cash games.
  6. Has a strong and robust system in place for fair game plays.
  7. Ensures Geo Location Restrictions so that players from those states that do not allow online gaming cannot deposit or play cash games.

Player Self Exclusion

Players can request temporary or permanent blocking of their accounts or reduce their deposit limits. This can be done automatically through website or manually by calling Customer Service. In case of a call, an attempt is made to speak with the player to understand the real issue and facilitating pertinent resolution on the exclusion period. After careful evaluation and discussion with the player, the self-exclusion, deposit limit and/or time period block is implemented. If the duration of the blocked period exceeds 30 days and the player has not show any interest claiming this amount, a email will be sent on the 25th day since the account was closed. This e-mail is basically a reminder that they have still funds in their account and they can send a request for a transfer. Even after sending the reminder, if there is no response from the playern who have opted for permanent account closure, then after 30 days of the account being closed, available funds in the players account will be confiscated.

1. Exclusion Feature

  • Players have the option to block their account from anywhere between 48 hrs. to 6 months duration from their “MY ACCOUNT” section.
  • Once the player sets the time frame, it cannot be reversed or modified till the duration mentioned.

2. Deposit Limit Feature

  • Players will have the option to fix their daily and monthly deposit limit from their “MY ACCOUNT” section.
  • Once a player sets this amount, it cannot be changed before 72 hrs.
  • RummyPassion might ask for the bank statement/proof of income sources to ascertain whether the player can fund his/her online rummy gaming activities.

Gaming Addiction

Rummy Passion is committed to responsible gaming. Player needs to understand that that online gaming is NOT an income generation avenue but is just an entertainment source. Player is encouraged to play responsibly with only what they can comfortably afford. In case, player feels addicted and unable to control game play, player can and should utilize self-exclusion feature and/or speak to our Customer Service to help him/her control addiction.

We take online gaming addiction cases seriously and with utmost sensitivity. If a player explicitly mentions about online gaming addiction, it is taken as a high priority issue. The case is immediately escalated to the Supervisor/Managerial level. If required, a proper telephonic counseling session of the player with a qualified practicing psychologist is arranged.

Player Self-Assessment

Playing online rummy regularly does improve your craft, but what if you are unfamiliar with the gaming terms. It may cause you to lose your interest in the game and you may not even enjoy the game eventually. So whether you are a master of rummy, an expert player or a novice, we insist that you take a self-assessment survey and evaluate your gaming skills. Our highly enthusiastic and professional customer support team will then measure your responses and will assist you accordingly.

How healthy is your online gaming activity? Click here to know more.

Player Identification & KYC

RummyPassion adheres to proper KYC process to fully identify the player. In addition to the mobile and email verification, documents are collected to ascertain the individual details.

1. Proof of Identity

  • PAN Card is considered as Proof of Identity.
  • It also ascertains the Date of Birth, hence, ensuring that no one below the age of 18 years can play.
  • It also helps in executing TDS if any and issuance of TDS Certificates.

2. Proof of Residence

  • The most preferred document is Aadhaar Card.
  • In case, the Aadhaar Card is not available, we consider Passport / Voter ID Card / Driving License, or any other Government-issued proof of residence.

3. Bank Details

  • The entire winning amount is transferred to the player’s bank as per his/her bank details.
  • This ensures that we are paying to the ‘player’ because - the name in the Pan Card + Proof of Residence + Name in the Bank Account should match.
  • Transferring money to a bank account also ensures that the money is legitimate, and the player is accountable for it and also eliminates money laundering to a large extent.

Escalation Matrix

Should a player have any grievance related to the site - we, at RummyPassion, take care to resolve it reasonably in the player’s favor. In other words, the benefit of doubt always goes with the player. All the members of the Support Staff at RummyPassion go through rigorous training on various aspects of handling player issues. However, at times, despite their best efforts, a player remains unsatisfied.

In order to handle such issues, RummyPassion follows a 2 tier Escalation Matrix. This is to assure the players that they can approach the higher-up’s and the Management Team, in case they feel that their issue has not been properly dealt with.

Escalation – Tier I

  • In case, a player is not satisfied with the resolution provided, s/he can escalate the issue by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • An Escalation at this stage should be resolved within 2 business days.
  • A Supervisor Level Executive would directly handle such escalations.

Escalation – Tier II

  • In case, a player is not satisfied with the resolution provided in Tier-1 Escalation, s/he can escalate the issue by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • An Escalation at this stage should be resolved within 5 – 7 working days.
  • A Manager/Sr. Manager level employee would directly handle escalations at this level.

18+ Policy

18+ Allowed A player must be 18+ to play real money rummy. Rummy is a game of skill. Winning cash is dependent on the skill of an individual regarding the game of Rummy. Rummy Passion has a stringent policy against underage players (aged below 18 years), and such players when found will be immediately removed. We also strongly recommend that our players employ child protection software to safeguard their children. The use of passwords and close supervision of user account activity help in limiting improper and reckless usage.

Our customer support representatives are there to assist you with any help you may require to play responsibly. Please feel free to Contact Us.